What is Written in Svargarohan Parva Book from Mahabharata

What is Written in Svargarohan Parva Book from Mahabharata

"Svargarohan Parva" is one of the books of the Hindu epic, the Mahabharata. It is a relatively small section that is believed to describe the journey of the Pandavas, including Yudhishthira, to heaven. It is not a standalone story and its events are interconnected with the rest of the epic.

In this Parva, the Pandavas, after losing the Kurukshetra war and having completed their years of exile, retire from the world and set out on a journey to the Himalayas to attain salvation and liberation from the cycle of rebirth. They seek to reach the abode of the god Indra, the king of heaven, through asceticism and penance. Yudhishthira leads the journey and is accompanied by his brothers and Draupadi. They face many obstacles on the way, which they overcome through determination and adherence to dharma.

The Pandavas are said to have performed severe austerities and yoga, during which they find themselves being able to attain a superhuman level of spiritual strength and purity. They also give away all their possessions and renounce all their earthly ties, becoming ascetics.

It's believed that at the end of the journey, Yudhishthira and his brothers along with Draupadi reach the gates of heaven, where they are greeted by Lord Yama, who grants them entry to paradise. Here they are said to have attained liberation and reunion with their ancestors.

The Svargarohan Parva is believed to convey the idea that the ultimate goal of human existence is to attain liberation and reunion with the divine, through righteous living, spiritual practice and self-realization. It teaches that through devotion, penance, and adherence to dharma, one can transcend the cycle of birth and death and attain eternal peace and happiness

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