Life Of A Star: Indian Astrology

Life Of A Star: Indian Astrology

Astrology is the language which humans understood even before the evolution of any verbal communication in human history. One may ask what? How? When the sun rose they knew it was time to gather food. And they returned to their caves before sunset. This is how stars control the lives of every being on any planet wherever life may be. 

Fortunately, Indian rishis have done extensive research on various aspects of astrology and have written numerous manuscripts on the subject. 

These manuscripts were gradually forgotten and lost in the blinding light of western education system in the present era. 

But you forget it not, that great kings in ancient times consulted their astrologers before going to war or taking any major step. Even today all the big business houses consult astrologers before business deals. 


Astrology is a great gift of Indian science and mathematics to the world. Today the world is acknowledging the power of astrology and Indian philosophy everywhere. To become the vishwaguru role of Indian astrology will be a crucial one. Onus is on every Indian to take astrology to every corner and center of the world.

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