How Did Ram Feel About Leaving Sita

How Did Ram Feel About Leaving Sita

Verses and descriptions from the Ramcharitmanas about Ram's anguish on having to abandon Sita:


The Ayodhya Kand of the Ramcharitmanas dedicates extensive verses to depict Ram's immense inner turmoil when informing Lakshmana about sending Sita into exile:


"Prabhu mukhu bacanahu na āvata, locanu jalu bahata sukāvata"

(The Lord could not get himself to speak the words, as tears rolled down unceasingly from his eyes)


"Chahata vacanu pheri pheri kahahu, punu mana maṃdira rahata na rahahu"  

(He wished to speak out the words again and again, but they wouldn't stay in the chamber of his mind)


Tulsidas vividly describes how Ram's eyes were clouded by an outpour of sorrowful tears and he struggled to even voice out his decision to Lakshmana.


When Lakshmana obediently agrees to follow the order, despite being devastated himself, the verse states:


"Prabhu pulakita gāta saba āṅga, bahata locana jala ke jharaṅga"

(The Lord's entire body was thrilled with ecstatic emotion and streams of tears flowed from his eyes)


This shows that despite the façade of adherence to duty, Ram was overwhelmed by emotion and pulsating with anguish internally.


When Sita finally pleads desperately asking why this punishment, the verse depicts:


"Siya kahu kārana puṃnī navāī, rāma rāvanu mau na bāta banāī"

(Sita asked for the reason behind this intolerable punishment, but Ram could not bring himself to say anything)


Ram's inability to even respond to Sita's anguished pleas showcases the intense emotional trauma he experienced at having to abandon his virtuous wife.


The poignant details emphasis that while portrayed as dharma, Ram's act of giving up Sita was essentially a battle between kingly duty and overpowering spousal love and emotion.

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